After much furtive searching, Perdy's suspicions are confirmed when she opens Grayson's briefcase and finds the missing cardigan, and letter from Rosemary proving that she's alive and kicking. Panicking, Gray disappears with the suitcase, intending to burn the contents. However he's shocked when he discovers it to be empty. At the Woolpack, Diane's enthusiasm and exuberance isn't shared by the rest of the awkward Sugden clan. However, as the champagne flows and charades begins, relations appear to thaw until there's a knock at the door. Elsewhere, Debbie is a driver down and tries to persuade Sam into doing the Christmas Day shift. Determined to spend the day with his son, Sam refuses and instead talks Debbie into coming over to Jacobs Fold. Meanwhile, the rest of the Dingles struggle to enjoy themselves, sad that Sam isn't in the fold.


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