Gray admits to Katie that Perdy has left him for Matthew and she is furious. Katie demands to know where that leaves her as she thought she was carrying a baby for a committed couple. Katie confronts Perdy and she threatens to abort the baby now that everything has changed. A terrified Perdy tells Gray to sort things or she's going to the police about his attempts to fit up Matthew. Jimmy and Carl are stunned when Matthew tells them that he's asked Perdy to move in with him. The brothers question how fast Matthew and Perdy's relationship is advancing, but he refuses to back down and insists that he will stand by Perdy and her unborn baby. Jack tells the family that he and Diane have split up and Victoria is delighted. Val defends Diane when Victoria crows over her sister and she later confronts Jack and begs him to give Diane another chance. Val realises that Jack is as devastated as Diane and Diane sees a glimmer of hope. Also, Viv runs a charity soup kitchen at the cafe; Debbie and Jasmine decide they need some winter sun and decide to book a holiday abroad.


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