Grayson confronts Katie and begs her not to abort his and Perdy's baby, but Katie insists that she was having the baby for him and Perdy, not Matthew and Perdy. But Katie has food for thought when Grayson learns some terrible news after the police reveal that Rosemary has committed suicide in America. Katie comforts a distraught Grayson and she has a change of heart when he begs her to keep the child. Perdy is stunned when she learns about Rosemary's death, but she makes no bones about being more than happy that her ruthless mother-in-law will no longer be around. Matthew is shocked by Perdy's harsh words. Jack asks Greg to hurry along the building work at Tenant's Cottage as he's keen to sell the cottage as soon as possible. Greg and Mel decide to put in an offer on the cottage themselves. When Diane finds out that Jack is selling their marital home she realises that her marriage is well and truly over. Devastated, she breaks down on Val. Also, Edna and Lily vow to get along better after another falling out; Miles is disappointed to learn that Jasmine is abroad when he goes to see her.


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