David and Nicola plot their future together with Donald's money and Nicola is delighted when the hospital call to say that there has been a change in Donald's condition, assuming that her husband is on his way out. Nicola and David are stunned when they realise that far from being dead, Donald has woken from his coma. Donald claims to remember his son Miles, but he insists that he has no recollection of Nicola's existence and she is appalled! Diane is jealous when she learns that Jack has been talking to Mel about the house sale as he has failed to mention anything about it to her. Diane is concerned that Mel is hoping to speed up the sale of the house because she realises the sale will mark the end of her marriage. Grayson is feeling vulnerable in the wake of recent developments and he drowns his grief with Diane in The Woolpack. When Diane pops out to take a phone call, Gray drunkenly makes a pass at Paul. But he is left more lonely than ever when Paul insists that he wants to be nothing more than friends. Also, Jo is disappointed when she can't afford her dream wedding dress; Carl flirts with Lexi.


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