Nellie refuses to move, but begins to feel guilty about preventing Steve and his family from moving in. Meanwhile, Dolly helps Matt on the farm but he fusses over her when she feels faint.


Dolly helps Matt out on the farm in Joe's absence. Sam takes Nellie to see the council flat in Hotten. He tries to persuade her to consider taking it, but she is adamant she is still not moving. Amos feels guilty when he receives a cheque from the Hotten Courier for the Nellie Ratcliffe report expenses. Donald asks Nellie to be his housekeeper living in the Vicarage, but she refuses. Nellie later confesses to Annie that she's feeling pangs of guilt about preventing Steve and his family moving into the cottage. She tells Annie that she doesn't want to leave her livestock, which she'd have to do if she moved. Amos donates his pay cheque to Donald for the church, adding a little extra to it. Matt fusses Dolly when she feels faint.


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