Katie invites Gray out for lunch after an appointment with the midwife but he knocks her back. Katie makes her move anyway and she attempts to seduce him. Gray tells her that he wants to take things slowly and relents on going to the pub for lunch. Katie's surrogacy is accidentally outed in The Woolpack by Carl while he is bickering with Matthew. Katie tells Gray that now the secret is out, it's time for their relationship to move on. Gray is swept up in the moment and they head for the bedroom. Scarlett confides in Daz that Lexi slept with Carl and everyone is after her money. Later, Victoria talks a miserable Scarlett into going to the Cricket Pavilion to drink vodka, but Victoria soon gets bored and leaves a drunk Scarlett slumped on the swings and Daz has to take her home. Jonny is gutted when he discovers that their wedding venue has been burnt down! Paul gets home from his travels and Jonny breaks the bad news but both agree that they don't want to postpone the wedding. Val ropes Rodney into helping her create a last-minute fairytale wedding for Paul. Also, Chas discovers Carl's liaisons with Lexi and punches him!


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