Jo gets a lift to see Andy in prison from Ross when she misses the bus and it's noticed by the other visitors. Jo tells Andy that she loves him, but she can't agree to marry him in prison and Andy is devastated. But after Andy ends up in the prison hospital after a fight with Charlie, Jo relents to lift his spirits. Sam is questioned about the 'robbery' at the factory but Sam insists that it was a loan from Eric. Blackmore is frustrated when Pollard backs up Sam's story and he's forced to release him, although he will still face some minor charges. Sam feels his family has betrayed him, but he realises that he and Samson will have to stay with the Dingles when the social worker makes it clear that he could lose Samson. Nicola is annoyed when Donald turns down her request for £10,000 to expand the business and Donald seems intent on winding her up. Donald flirts heavily with new nurse Cindy and later conspicuously gives Viv £10,000 for her charity fundraising. Also, Shane and Donna continue their feud; Louise annoys Alan at the Village Show meeting by taking over.


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