Nicola accuses Donald of deliberately trying to annoy her and she's further put out by Donald's flirting with his naughty nurse. Nicola is stunned when she discovers Cindy is an actress and she realises that Donald is playing games. Nicola attempts to seduce Donald in a bid to overload his weak heart but a jealous David interrupts. A frustrated Nicola tells David that they'll just have to kill Donald outright! Val and Rodney reveal to Paul and Jonny that they've come up with separate wedding suggestions, as all they did was bicker. Rodney wants an elegant top-hat-and-tails affair, while Val suggests they have a 1950s American kitsch wedding. Rodney and Val both think that they've won Paul and Jonny's approval. Jo tells the Sugdens that she and Andy will marry while he is still in prison and she does her best to sound enthusiastic. Also, Sam leaves Lisa in charge of Samson while he returns to work.


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