Nicola learns that Miles will be away overnight and she tells a horrified David that they need to act but David can't bring himself to agree to murder. Nicola offers to cook dinner for Donald but when David finds out he interrupts. David fears he's too late after seeing Nicola brandishing a kitchen knife but Donald is alive and well and Nicola doesn't get the chance to serve Donald her poisoned cheesecake! Sandy gets a call from Luke in India and he later tells Ashley that Luke has invited him to stay with him. Ashley dismissively tells Sandy that he's too old to trek halfway across the world. Sandy is miffed and vows to go anyway. Jo asks Lisa to look after Sarah on the day of her wedding to Andy and she talks Ashley into coming to the prison to conduct the service. Jo goes for a drink with Ross and confesses that she's dreading the whole day and she's surprised about how her life has turned out. Also, Matthew winds up Carl when he wins the Kings a big new contract; Bob is flustered when Viv leaves him in the lurch at the cafe and ropes Betty into helping out.


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