Jo tries to summon up enthusiasm for her prison wedding, but is having a hard job of it. Jo's friends secretly decorate The Woolpack to give Jo a hen night to remember. Jo attempts to put on a brave face, but the night takes a bad turn after Jake spikes her drink and she later thinks the ladies are laughing about her wedding. Jo makes a scene and a concerned Ross takes her back home. Ross comforts an upset Jo and they kiss. But Jo realises her mistake and tells him that Andy is the man that she wants. David reassures Nicola that he's still onside with her plans to bump off Donald, but inwardly he isn't convinced. Nicola brings a pile of Colombo DVDs back from Hotten to get a few ideas on the perfect murder! Betty is suspicious when Ashley hints at Sandy's trip abroad and Sandy is forced to admit that he's going to India. Betty is hurt that Sandy is planning to leave and worries that he will never return, but she gives him her blessing. Also, Debbie gives Carl his first loan payment; Bob closes the cafe when Viv leaves him in the lurch again.


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