Jo is taken to her wedding in a chauffeur-driven limo as a surprise gift from Jack, Victoria and Daz. Laurel, meanwhile, tries to brighten up the prison room with candles. Andy is stunned by his beautiful bride when Jo walks in, looking radiant. Ashley conducts the service and the loved up couple say 'I do', but they have just 20 minutes after the wedding before Andy is sent back to his cell. Meanwhile, Andy's nemesis, newly released convict Charlie, is at Butlers Farm, finds the spare key and lets himself in. Jo returns to celebrate her wedding alone with a bottle of wine and she's terrified when Charlie jumps out and grabs her. Jake pops in to collect his forgotten mobile, just in time to spy Charlie kissing Jo, but he doesn't see her struggle to get away. Charlie leaves, but threatens to return. Bob grabs the chance when Mel offers to help out at the shop and cafe from time to time and he sets her to work immediately. Viv is less than happy to see Mel behind the counter and it's clear she's got a touch of the green-eyed monster. Also, Jasmine tries to get a second job at Home Farm.


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