Jo is desperate to see Andy after Charlie's appearance at the farm, but she is denied access without a visiting order. Jake confronts Jo and accuses her of cheating on Andy with Charlie and Jo is forced to explain. Charlie turns up and moves some mysterious boxes into the farm, despite Jo's protests. Later, Andy is hospitalised after being pushed down some stairs at the prison. Jo visits and decides not to worry him about Charlie. Jo returns home to find that Charlie's boxes contain guns. Viv insists that Bob work on his day off when Pearl reveals that she can't come in, despite Mel's offer to help out. Viv is miserable when Bob refuses to stay in the shop and retreats upstairs. Viv eventually admits that the reason she is off with Mel is that she misses Emily. Bob talks her round and she offers Mel the job. Sandy's old mate Joe turns up in the village and flirts with Betty. Sandy is furious and he and Joe end up in a scuffle. Joe leaves the village, but Betty is flattered to have two men fighting over her! Also, Jasmine has a miserable first day at Home Farm.


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