Donald gets an earful from Florrie and Len following his sermon - and both Donald and Florrie are shocked when Len quits her job on her behalf! Meanwhile, Trevor's replacement Maurice arrives.


Preparations get underway for Christmas at Emmerdale Farm. Dolly is disappointed when Sam and Annie are unenthusiastic when she voices making her own Christmas puddings based on her grandmother's recipe. Joe practices his lines for the Christmas pantomime, worrying that he will slip up. Henry dresses The Woolpack up for Christmas to Amos' annoyance. Florrie Arnold is annoyed with Donald, following a sermon he gave the previous week encouraging people to not leave their relatives on their own at Christmas. Florrie believes he was hinting to her directly as her mother is in a home. She complains to Sam who unwittingly encourages her to confront Donald. Jessie surprises everybody by arriving at the farm early. Annie's horrified when Jessie and Matt suggest Annie should put her feet up for Christmas and let Dolly take care of the cooking. Dolly is thrilled when Annie eventually agrees. Amos begins to take care of plans for his and Henry's Christmas, when Henry agrees to spend it with him, not expecting to be invited to the farm this year. Sam and Henry are forced to listen to Len Arnold complaining about Donald's sermon. Dolly's peturbed when Annie starts interfering with her plans for Christmas dinner. Maurice Westrop arrives in The Woolpack and introduces himself to Henry and Sam, he tells them he's in the village on business. Sam voices to Annie that he wants to invite Nellie, Amos and Donald to the farm for Christmas. Florrie and Len confront Donald about his sermon and are surprised when he tells them that his sermon was supposed to reach people's consciences. Len angrily tells Donald that Florrie won't be cleaning for him anymore, leaving Florrie annoyed with Len. Maurice arrives at the Vicarage to see Donald. The Sugdens are visited by a children's carol service.


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