Laurel sits silently in Daniel's room, unable to cry. When she hears a baby screaming in the street she rushes out in hysterical confusion. Greg is pushing a crying Arthur and he manages to calm her down. Ashley wonders whether Gabby should go to Bernice's until after the funeral, but Laurel wants her with them. Ashley and Laurel attempt to explain to Gabby that Daniel has gone to heaven. Katie finds Perdy in tears after hearing of Daniel's death and Perdy explains that the enormity of what Katie is doing for her and Gray has hit her. Katie reassures Perdy that the baby is fine, but she lets slip that she will be staying at Mill Cottage with Grayson, and Perdy is suspicious. Perdy tries to extract information from Gray and Gray warns Katie to watch what she says around Perdy. Val arranges the seating plan for the wedding. Paul tells Val and Rodney that he is sick of the pair of them bickering and insists that they call a ceasefire until the wedding is over. Also, Shadrach is devastated by godson Daniel's death; Eric admits to David that he hasn't put any money aside for his and Val's wedding.


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