Ashley and Laurel are still in shock after the death of baby Daniel. The Bishop visits and Ashley gets some comfort as they sit together to pray. Laurel walks in on them and storms off, contemptuous. Ashley is worried and tells Laurel that he can understand her not being able to find comfort in God. Later, Ashley prays with Gabby and Laurel loses it and declares that there can't be a God, or Daniel would still be alive. Katie extracts some more information from Perdy about the incriminating cardigan and pretends to be shocked that Gray tried to frame Matthew for murder. Perdy reveals that the cardigan is locked away and she keeps the key on her at all times. Katie is triumphant and plots to get the key and destroy the cardigan. Val suggests that Eric dips into their wedding fund to help give Jonny and Paul have a wonderful wedding reception, but she is furious when she discovers the account is empty. Val accuses Eric of not really wanting to marry her, but he insists he loves her and begs her to go through with the wedding. Also, Viv decides to raise money for a cot death charity under the guise of raising it for Happy Smile.


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Memorable dialogue

Eric Pollard: "This relationship has been dead, buried and resurrected for far too long. I refuse to step back on that emotional rollercoaster for something so silly as a misunderstanding."
Val Lambert: "Oh, it's a misunderstanding, is it? So, do my ears have cataracts, too? Did I mishear you when you said you only proposed because of Rosalind? And did my fluffy little brain misunderstand the bank account as well?"

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