Katie and Gray are relieved to hear that the baby is fine after her fall. Katie is confronted by Perdy, desperate to know how the baby is, but Gray orders her out. A furious Perdy tells Katie that Gray is gay and Katie is confused. Gray tells Katie that he had a few gay affairs when he was a teenager but it's in the past. Katie needs time to think. Victoria wakes up with a hangover and misses her bus to her counselling session. Diane sees Victoria trying to thumb a lift and insists she get in the car with her. Victoria is grudgingly grateful, especially when Diane waits to give her a lift home. Victoria finally opens up to Diane and she seems to have finally called a truce with her stepmother. Val throws herself into arrangements for Paul and Jonny's big day but Rodney attempts to interfere and they argue. Paul is fed up with their bickering and reminds them that they promised to work together on the arrangements without arguing. Also, Donald realises David is still seeing Nicola and he asks him to manage one of his businesses to keep him away from his wife!


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