Nicola is alarmed when she sees Cindy downing some of Donald's pills for a headache as she's secretly upped Donald's dose and she is terrified that Cindy will die. Nicola makes a panicked call to David, but they're relieved when Cindy seems fine. David has had enough and tells Nicola that Donald has offered him a job and their relationship is over. Jo feels bad about being harsh with Diane and she confesses to Victoria about their confrontation. Jo feels even worse when Victoria reveals that Diane has been very kind to her and it's the closet thing she's ever had to a mum. Jo goes to The Woolpack and apologises and tearfully admits that she's struggling at the farm. The women are reconciled and Diane is quietly hopeful that recent events will bring her one step closer to getting back with Jack. Matthew is determined to win the waste contract and works on a new tender. Carl is alarmed by the tender and points out that Matthew has shaved too much off the price, but Matthew is defiant. Donald has a quiet word with Carl and advises him not to let Matthew push him around. Carl is stunned when Donald offers him a job. Also, Jonny's lesbian friend Bev arrives.


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Donald De Souza: (after seeing Nicola sitting with Matthew) "What's this, love? Consorting with the enemy?"
Nicola De Souza: "His idea of a charm offensive. Not much charm but pretty offensive."

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