Emily and Patricia make their surprise returns on the morning of Paul and Jonny's wedding. However, in the midst of the chaos caused by the simmering feud between Rodney and Val, Paul decides enough is enough. Taking a spare vacancy at the registry office, Paul brings Jonny together with their witnesses Emily and other friend Barry to get married in secret. On their return to the village the newlyweds can't bring themselves to tell their family what they've done and submit to Rodney and Val's more lavish ceremony. Meanwhile, under pressure from the De Souzas, Matthew sets Carl on Eric to bribe their way to the refuse tender. Eric greedily accepts five thousand pounds but on his return home Val snaffles the cash for their wedding fund. With a favour to the Kings now outstanding, Eric pays a visit to old foe Councillor May. As primary discussions take place, Eric is floored when Rosalind enters, introducing herself as Mrs May. When the councillor leaves the room, Rosalind advises Eric that if he confides in her, all parties can get what they want.


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