Eric has agreed to meet up with Rosalind at a hotel and he guiltily lavishes gifts on an unsuspecting Val. Eric feels uncomfortable when Rosalind books a room and goes to make herself 'more comfortable'. Rosalind lures Eric into bed, but things take an unexpected turn when he can't perform. Rosalind realises that Eric really must be in love and she agrees to talk her husband into taking the Kings tender anyway. Rosalind gives Eric a rueful kiss goodbye outside the hotel, but a mystery camera snaps their kiss. Nicola has another bright idea for doing away with Donald and she frays the edge of the stair carpet, hoping that he will slip and fall. But her plan goes awry when Cindy helps Donald down the stairs with Nicola and Nicola slips on the carpet herself and falls to the bottom of the stairs! Nicola is left bruised and frustrated. Paul discovers that Jonny's mate Bev has decided to stick around the village and wants to play gooseberry with the newlyweds. Paul talks Perdy into offering Bev a spare place on a spa trip with her and Paul and Jonny finally have their house to themselves. Also, Laurel and Ashley find out that Daniel died from suspected sudden infant death syndrome.


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