Eric has a visit from Rosalind who reveals that she's being blackmailed over the photo of them kissing. Rosalind wants to go to the police but Eric begs her to pay up to avoid Val finding out. David finds out what has happened and he suggests that Eric gives Rosalind the backhander he got from the Kings to pay the blackmailer. Eric hopes the cash will be enough to end the blackmail demands. Ashley is worried about Laurel's ability to cope when Hilary presses ahead with the funeral plans. Laurel freaks out when the Bishop arrives to talk about the funeral but things are made even worse when she spots two men digging Daniel's grave. Laurel turns to Greg for comfort and he urges her to find her inner strength. Laurel agrees to hold the funeral but insists that only she and Ashley are there for the burial. Sam is in an exhausted state and Shadrach wonders what's going on. Shadrach discovers that Sam is so terrified of losing Samson in the same way that Ashley and Laurel lost Daniel, that he's been staying awake all night to watch over him. Shadrach calms Sam's fears and persuades him to rest while he takes care of Samson.


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