Jo gets a visit from Jimmy who reluctantly tells her that unless she pays her rent arrears, she'll have to leave the farm. Jo insists that she has the money in the bank and promises to drop it off later. Jo gets back from the bank with the cash, but she's horrified when Charlie demands she give it to him. Jo admits to a furious Matthew that she hasn't got the money and he tells her he will start eviction proceedings. Viv puts her prices up in the cafe and gives the extra proceeds to her cot death charity collection. Paddy offers to hold a yard of ale contest in The Woolpack to raise further funds. Shadrach also agrees to do a sponsored 24-hour booze ban, but he's gutted when he realises he'll miss out on the yard of ale contest! Edna bumps into Lily and coldly reminds her that she needs to pick up the rest of her belongings. Pearl is sad that Lily is thinking of leaving and urges her to talk Edna round. Lily tries her best, but Edna remains stubborn and Lily is defeated. Edna is shocked when she realises that instead of leaving the village, Lily is moving in with Pearl.


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