Jamie decks out the living room with romantic candles and balloons in preparation for his proposal. He's stunned when he goes to find Louise and discovers a pregnancy test on the bed. A defensive Louise takes one look at Jamie's face and refuses to divulge the result. Jamie winkles it out of her and she admits that she's not pregnant, but she accuses him of looking horrified and the couple have a huge argument. Matthew refuses to sell the refuse trucks to Carl in a fit of pique, but Jimmy convinces Matthew to see sense and discuss prices. Jimmy and Matthew visits Carl but Matthew snaps and pushes Carl against the wall before storming out. A frustrated Jimmy agrees a price for the trucks and promises Carl that he won't fall out with him. Edna is cross with Pearl and Pearl attempts to call a truce. Edna softens when Pearl points out that she's lost Len and she doesn't want to lose her friend, too. The feud between Edna and Lily is reignited later in the pub when Lily makes an ill-advised comment that Edna takes the wrong way. Also, Donna drops 'Dingle' from her name for work.


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