Jamie is convinced by Bob to make up with Louise and tell her about his planned proposal. Jamie tells Louise that he has something to say, but she thinks he's going to dump her and gets in first! Jamie is crushed but when he later finds Louise crying on the bridge, he realises her true feelings and produces the ring and proposes. A delighted Louise says 'yes'. Donald helps Rodney restore an old electric train set and Nicola is disgruntled by their new hobby. Later, Nicola fiddles with the train set and gets a mild electric shock from the control box. When Donald reveals that it's faulty, Nicola gets another wicked idea and she tells David that she's going to fix the train set to electrocute Donald! Edna swallows her pride and joins Pearl, Betty and Lily for a drink in The Woolpack. But as Lily regales them with stories about her and Edna's childhood, Edna becomes riled and hints that Lily has a dark secret. A frustrated Lily comes clean and confesses that she was growing marijuana for her arthritis. Edna is furious when Betty and Pearl are sympathetic about her plight! Viv continues to keep quiet about the money for Happy Smile disappearing, and gets an idea when she sees Bob handling the donations pouring in from the cot death charity.


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