Nicola tinkers with the electric train control box. David pleads with her to give up her idea, but Nicola is stubborn. Nicola waits expectantly when Donald later picks up the 'live' switch but nothing happens and she realises that David has fixed it back. Nicola vows to continue her murder attempts and a desperate David confesses all to Donald, revealing he doesn't want to see Donald dead and Nicola in jail. Viv is worried after journalist McNally's revelation that she's been unintentionally committing fraud and she tries to get hold of Happy Smile director Freddie, but he seems to have gone AWOL. Viv takes money out of the cot death fund and puts it into the Happy Smile account – although Bob tells her that stealing from the charity cashometer is also illegal! Donald decides to expand his empire and tempt Rodney away from the Kings, giving him an interesting job offer. Rodney has a set to with Matthew and blurts out about Donald's offer. Jimmy is horrified and tells Matthew that they need to keep Rodney onside as they can't lose him as well as Carl. Matthew concedes and offers Rodney full control of the Home Farm estates to stay with them. Also, Jamie and Louise announce their engagement.


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