Nicola doesn't realise that she's been rumbled by Donald when he tricks her into taking him for a day on the moors. As she's steeling herself to push him over a cliff edge he blurts out he'll save her the bother! The wheelchair speeds towards the cliff edge but Donald is saved when the chair overturns. Nicola is in shock and she apologises wholeheartedly for her plotting. Miles has learnt of Nicola's plan and called the police but Donald decides not to dob her in. Nicola returns to the village and tells David that she's left Donald, but much to her dismay, he refuses to take her in, despite earlier admitting to Miles that he still loves Nicola. Debbie enlists Chas's help in getting rid of Charlie and Chas calls in a favour from gangland boss Mrs MacFarlane. Debbie reels in Charlie by telling him that she and Chas are doing a burglary at the MacFarlane's club and he takes the bait and insists on joining them. Matthew visits Carl and smugly tells him that he won't be selling him the refuse trucks. Carl is furious, but Donald calls Matthew's bluff and tells him that they'll buy the trucks elsewhere. Also, Marlon decides to hold a birthday party for Ross.


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