Andy is furious when Val innocently mentions the 'other bloke' who has been helping out at the farm and he confronts Jo, demanding to know all about Charlie. Jo does her best to explain what's been going on and Andy feels bad about what she's had to deal with. But his mood quickly changes when Jo admits that Diane had to take over the lease on the farm and he storms into The Woolpack. Andy is confronted by his family and friends, who have organised a welcome home party and he does his best to put on a show of gratitude. Laurel wearily agrees when Ashley suggests that they move some of Daniel's belongings into the loft but when Ashley gives Gabby the height chart that belonged to Daniel, it's all too much. Laurel storms out and heads to Daniel's grave, where Greg finds her and encourages her to come clean to Ashley about her feelings. Laurel tries to talk to Ashley, but they end up arguing when she has a go at Gabby for spilling juice on the height chart. Laurel tells Ashley she's moving in with Betty. Also, Donna is upset when Marlon goes fishing with Shane.


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