Laurel is cruel to Ashley when she callously tells him that he's got his career, his flock and his daughter to support him, while she has nothing. Ashley accuses Laurel of wallowing in Daniel's death and she explodes and throws crockery at him. Laurel heads over to the Cricket Pavilion and is spotted by Greg, who comforts her. Laurel kisses Greg, desperate for any emotion other than grief, but she's instantly horrified by what she's done. Laurel heads home and hugs Gabby and apologises to Ashley for being so distant. Jo apologises to Andy for keeping secrets, but insists that she had his best interests at heart. Andy miserably admits that he doesn't feel any better for confessing to the arson attack and his spell in prison has only caused more problems. Val makes Andy see sense and he apologises to Jo but when Andy mentions Sarah's adoption she can't bring herself to reveal that Debbie won't sign the papers. Donna is becoming increasingly disturbed by Shane's manipulation of women and she tries to advise her colleague Charlotte, who has also been sexually harassed by Shane. When Shane catches them talking he is annoyed and he later warns Donna to keep her mouth shut. Also, Perdy returns to the village.


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