Viv begins to panic when she can't get hold of Happy Smiles' director Freddie but she is in denial that he may be conman, despite Donna's suggestion that she informs the police. Viv visits Playbarn, a supposedly Happy Smiles funded ventures to check it out but it's soon clear that the business has nothing to do with Happy Smiles and Donna later confirms that the charity is unregistered and Freddie appears to have done a flit. Scarlett buys an engraved gold chain for Daz for his 17th birthday and Debbie decides to go on a wind up. Debbie puts a leopard print posing pouch inside the box with the gift and Daz is stunned when he finds opens it in front of the family. Scarlett is mortified and runs out and Debbie feels guilty that she didn't get the joke. Perdy learns that Gray is taking Katie into Leeds to buy maternity clothes and it reminds her of her many miscarriages. Meanwhile, Katie suggests to Gray that they should tell Perdy about the next baby scan tomorrow, but he refuses to let Perdy get involved and insists they can show her the picture later. Also, Andy is furious when Debbie reveals that she won't let Sarah be adopted.


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