Katie and Gray attend a baby scan and discover they are having a boy. Later at The Woolpack, Perdy sees the scan photo in Katie's hand and is furious that Gray didn't tell her. Perdy screams at Katie that she's being used and Gray instructs Diane to call the police. Meanwhile, outside the pub, Paul defends Perdy to Gray who then reveals their fling. As Perdy becomes hysterical, Donna turns up and arrests her. Viv and Bob wait at the police station to report Freddie and discover they will be interviewed separately. Viv explains that she transferred the funds but then returned the money once she realised she had done wrong. When DC Kemp isn't convinced, the couple are informed they must return for another interview. Andy tells Jo that he doesn't want Debbie to have anything to do with Sarah. But Debbie begs Jo to let her spend some time with Sarah behind Andy's back. Later when Andy offers to pick Sarah up, Jo lies that she's looking after her. Andy is happy that Jo and Sarah are spending time together, but Jo is left feeling guilty. Also, Jimmy walks in on Daz waiting for Scarlett, wearing nothing but a posing pouch!


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