Shadrach visits Daniel's grave and finds Laurel. He breaks down as he praises her love and care for Daniel. As she reassures him that he's been a good father to Chas, Shadrach drops a bombshell by revealing he has another daughter who he gave away as a baby. Laurel tells a sympathetic Ashley the news and he vows to help Shadrach find his long-lost daughter. Jo wakes up with a bruise she knows will be difficult to disguise. Val pops round and notices it, but Jo covers by saying she was kicked by one of the goats. Jo is left feeling exhausted by the deception, whilst Andy still feels guilty. He suggests to Jo that they have a party to make up for their lack of celebration at the wedding, assuring her it will be a fresh start for them. Katie and Gray feel like they can be a proper couple now that Perdy is out of the way. Jonny challenges Katie, asking her how she could let Gray destroy Perdy, but she defends him claiming Perdy to be unstable. Over at the pub, when Diane sees how happy Gray is, she takes back her reservations over her friend's relationship with Katie. Also, Jimmy grudgingly lets Scarlett see Daz.


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