Laurel tells Shadrach that she's already started researching ways he can track down his daughter, he explains he only wanted to get things off his chest, not necessarily find her. When Laurel tries to persuade him it is possible, Shadrach worries about telling Chas and convinces Laurel to tell her for him. Chas is stunned but after heart-to-heart with Shadrach, she agrees to help him track down his daughter. Andy continues to feel guilty about the bruise on Jo's face and gives her money to buy a new dress. Later when Jo tells Andy all the party arrangement are in place, he asks if anyone commented on her bruise. She explains her embarrassment that the whole village thinks she's had a fight with a goat. Feeling terrible, Andy arranges to take the day off work so he can take Jo shopping, whilst Jo feels uncomfortable and tells him there is no need. Ashley is shocked when Hilary turns up. She explains that couldn't stay away as she keeps dreaming about the night Daniel died. Ashley reassures his mother-in-law that it wasn't her fault but explains that Laurel needs more time before they can talk. Also, Matthew learns that Donald is having trouble buying refuse trucks.


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