Laurel catches sight of Hilary dashing back into Betty's house. Shocked by Ashley's lack of surprise, she's annoyed to discover that Hilary returned yesterday. Laurel heads to Betty's to talk to her mother and they embrace as Laurel sobs, telling Hilary she is sorry. Meanwhile, the doctor informs Ashley and Laurel that Daniel was a carrier of Cystic Fibrosis and suggests that they have a test to see if either of them passed it on to him. David pays Donald a visit wanting to know where he stands with the business. As they talk, David pleads to Donald that he did warn him about Nicola's plans while Donald reminds him that he didn't say anything until the fourth murder attempt. Donald eventually agrees to give David back his cleaning firm. When Miles finds out he's furious with his father's decision. Chas accompanies Shadrach to see a social worker where he give details about his long-lost daughter. It's not long before the social worker returns with a file belonging to Genesis, revealing that she's been trying to trace her birth parents. Also, the Kings try to scupper Donald's refuse business by allowing rubbish to build up in the village.


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