Donna is unimpressed when Ross invites Shane to Andy and Jo's belated wedding party. Donna is anxious when Shane flirts with Jasmine but as Shane charms the locals Donna decides to give him a chance. But when they leave the pub after the party, Shane tries to force himself on Donna, who knees him in the groin to escape and rushes home in tears. Paddy is fed up when he misses having fun at the party as he is on call and can't drink. As a result of Val's homemade cocktails, the locals are extremely merry by the time they leave the pub and they decide to go back to Paddy's to continue their antics. Paddy is horrified when the drunken partygoers pay the animals in the vet a surprise visit! Shadrach receives a mysterious phone call that leaves Zak and Lisa suspicious. Chas realises that it's the adoption agency and sets about preparing Shadrach for his meeting with daughter Genesis. When Zak and Lisa see Shadrach sprucing himself up they assume he's after a woman and Shadrach lies and says he has a date. Also, Andy makes an emotional speech at the party and vows Jo's happiness will always come first.


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