Paddy discovers that his car won't start because Ross tampered with it the night before and he makes Ross give him a lift to work. A tired Ross nearly hits a girl on a moped, who swerves into a ditch. The girl seems fine but Ross asks Paddy to say that he was driving as he may still be over the legal alcohol limit and could lose his job. But the girl's condition worsens and she's rushed to hospital. Nicola gives Donald a list of demands, but Donald throws her out and insists that if she doesn't leave then he'll have her done for attempted murder. Armed with bin bags of clothes, Nicola spots David in his car, but he drives off when he sees her. Nicola confronts David and tries to worm her way back in to his affections, but he tells her to get lost. Donna vows to make a complaint about Shane but Shane sees her arrive at the station and gets to Vaughan first, claiming that Donna is caving under the pressure of Viv's investigation. Donna tells Vaughan she wants to report Shane for sexual harassment and is dismayed when Vaughan seems reluctant to make it official. Also, Shadrach is nervous as he waits for Genesis's arrival.

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