Paddy and Ross discover that the moped rider Gennie is in intensive care. Paddy starts to worry, but Ross assures him that if the worst happens then he'll own up to driving the car. Paddy meets Gennie's mother Brenda who reveals that she's adopted, but turns cold on him when she discovers he caused the accident. Paddy insists that Ross come clean about the accident. Nicola's credit card is declined in the shop and a worried Rodney offers to pay for her. Nicola cries to Rodney and he agrees to talk to Paul and Jonny about letting her move into Victoria Cottage. Jonny is unenthusiastic and Rodney talks Matthew into renting Brook Cottage to him and Nicola, but he insists that Nicola pay her way with the rent. Chas is nervous on Shadrach's behalf about his meeting with Genesis and she decides to spy on them. Shadrach sits in a country pub waiting for Genesis, only Chas shows up and he sadly tells her that he was a fool to get his hopes up as Genesis has stood him up. Also, Hilary learns that Mel is a carrier of cystic fibrosis. Laurel and Ashley refuse to be tested, as they don't believe it had anything to do with Daniel's death.


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