Ross refuses to confess and Paddy heads to the station to tell the truth about Gennie's accident. Paddy tells Shane and discovers that he may face a prison sentence for perverting the course of justice if he changes his original statement. Stunned at this news, Paddy is forced to drop it and accept the points on his licence, but he tells Ross that he won't forgive him so easily. Donald tries to calm the locals' fears about the new rubbish collection after the Kings deliberately leave piles of rubbish everywhere to disrupt them in the run up to the changeover. Miles tells Donald that he warned him this would happen and Donald is furious with being ticked off by his own son. Matthew learns of the rift between Miles and Donald and when Donald asks Matthew to do one final bin run he smugly refuses. Matthew also tries to convince Jasmine to run a negative article about the deal in the Hotten Courier, an article she insists is libelous. Donna is unsure about whether to proceed with her complaint against Shane and she shares her worries with Viv. Meanwhile, Shane tells Ross to convince Donna not to make the complaint. Viv riles Donna and she returns to the station and asks Ross to back her up, leaving him stuck firmly in the middle. Louise tries to plan a village show, but Pearl is more interested in forming a syndicate after learning of Lily's success in competitions. Also, Nicola struggles to get a new job.


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