Shane visits Donna claiming he's come to make peace, but he ends up threatening her not to make a complaint. Marlon arrives home and hurls Shane against a wall. Shane warns Ross that he will take him down with him if he backs up Donna's story. Ross is asked to give his statement and he refuses to back Donna up. Donna feels betrayed by her friend and brands him a coward. Paddy feels guilty and visits Gennie at the hospital. They enjoy each other's company and as Paddy is about to leave, Gennie asks him to visit again, admitting that she doesn't have many friends. Back in the village, Ross offers Paddy a drink as a peace offering but he turns him down and tells Ross to stay away from him. Matthew is angry when his slanderous press release about the De Souzas fails to make the Hotten Courier so he spreads a rumour that the De Souzas shafted King & Sons over the refuse contract. Val pays Eli 20 quid to remove the rubbish outside The Woolpack and Donald offers him cash to do the whole village, so long as he gives De Souzas credit. Also, Betty, Lily, Doug and Pearl are obsessed with entering competitions.


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