Ross witnesses Shane making a snide comment to Donna on her first day back at work and he sees red, grabs him and threatens him. Shane retorts that it is a bit late to start backing up Donna now. Ross feels gutted when Donna agrees. Daz passes his driving test and Scarlett decides to surprise him and buy him a car, reasoning that it will be of benefit to both of them if they can go on romantic country drives alone. Matthew and Jimmy refuse to let Scarlett have access to her trust fund, but a scheming Debbie offers her a loan with interest and a naive Scarlett jumps at the chance. Eli tells Carl and Donald that Matthew is paying him to throw a sickie and not turn up to remove the rubbish around the village. Carl and Donald are furious when Eli suggests that he'll turn up for work if they beat Matthew's bribe. Carl has had enough and tells Donald that he is going to confront Matthew, but Donald insists that they beat him at his own game. Also, Ross invites Gennie for a drink and Paddy is worried about him misleading her.


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