Matthew winds up Carl when he refuses to let the De Souza rubbish trucks access to the King-owned rubbish depot despite their agreed contract. Carl snaps and arranges for all trucks to dump the rubbish on the steps of Home Farm instead and Matthew is furious. It's clear that it's all-out war between the two brothers. Daz is thrilled with his new car and he takes Scarlett for a drive. The young couple park up and take advantage of their newfound privacy. Daz and Scarlett panic when they spot Ross, who has stopped his police car to check out what's happening. They hurriedly get their clothes back on and they're relieved to see Ross heading back to his car and they hope that he hasn't recognised them. Katie decides she's had enough of being gossiped about and in The Woolpack she publicly declares that she and Gray are in love and are having a baby together, much to the astonishment of their neighbours! Gray takes an upset Katie home and tries to comfort her but he fails to say that he loves her, too. Also, Viv prepares for the charity cheque presentation and rushes out to buy a new outfit.


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