Viv dolls herself up for the charity cheque presentation at the pub and she takes the giant cheque with her for the ceremony. Donna is worried that Viv is going to the presentation while a police investigation is going on, but Bob points out that it will cheer her up. Viv proudly hands the cheque to the charity representative in front of the villagers and local press. But halfway through her speech, Viv is horrified to see the police turn up. As they mount the podium and arrest her for obtaining money by deception, Viv protests her innocence and the villagers are a stunned as she's led away! Katie seems blind to Gray's reluctance to confirm his love for her and she decides to give Gray some cufflinks that her father left her as a surprise. Katie finds his jacket and slips the box into his jacket pocket, but Gray catches her and accuses her of snooping. When he realises his mistake he is touched and wonders what he has done to deserve her. Also, Donald warns Carl to be on his best behaviour at an official lunch after discovering that Matthew and Jimmy will be going.


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