Carl and Matthew clash at the Chamber of Commerce luncheon and it's not long before fists start to fly. Carl storms out, but Matthew follows him and things escalate. Carl flippantly comments that it's a good job he killed their father and Matthew sees red and attacks him. Donald finds an unconscious and badly beaten Carl. When Carl wakes up in hospital Donald urges him to call the police, but he refuses. Viv is questioned by DI Williams at the police station and he hands over a copy of a contract that Viv has signed making her chief executive of Happy Smiles. Viv argues that Freddie asked her to sign it and told her that it was just for legal purposes, but DI Williams asks her why she transferred £50,000 into a personal account five days later. Viv is stunned and insists she has no knowledge of that bank account. David has a chat with Jasmine and suggests that they get back together. Jasmine is horrified by the suggestion and tells him that he has got no chance. David feels humiliated and launches into a tirade about her own shortcomings. Miles intervenes and defends Jasmine, who is impressed. Also, Betty, Lily and Pearl organise a speed-dating event.


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Betty Eagleton: "We're after finding an edible bachelor for Pearl on t'internet."

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