Viv is bailed from the police station and returns to the village to the wrath of her neighbours, who assume her guilt in the charity scam. Hilary marches up to Viv and shouts at her claiming she's used her baby grandson's memory for personal profit and Viv is close to tears when Hilary makes it clear that prison is too good for her. Viv slopes back home and cries uncontrollably as she tells a worried Bob she is not sure how she's going to get through another day. Carl starts to recover from the beating that Matthew gave him and he promises Donald that Matthew, as far as he is concerned, is no longer his brother. Donald is not convinced that Carl will turn his back on him and decides to keep a close eye on his troublesome business partner. Lily and Pearl are excited about their speed dating event at The Woolpack and wait nervously for the participants to arrive. They are disappointed by the lack of male talent when only two men turn up. But it looks like Pearl may get lucky after all. Also, Donna is relieved when Shane is interviewed again about her sexual harassment complaint, but she is unnerved by his cockiness.


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