Ross turns up at Tall Trees Cottage to offer Donna a lift to work but she tells him that she's not going in. Marlon reminds Ross to help them out with Shane and at the station he pretends to be friendly with him to gain his trust. Back home, Marlon, Eli and Zak wait at the barn wearing balaclavas and call Ross with instructions to lead Shane into their trap – but Ross has a better plan. Lexi attempts to show Carl that she's more than capable when she gets more quotes for the business. But her attempts to impress fail and she resigns in a huff. Carl does a U-turn and chases after her and promises her more involvement in the company, Lexi relents but she feels smug that she has Carl firmly wrapped round her finger. Val broaches modernising The Woolpack with Diane once again but she is annoyed when Diane stands by her earlier decision and refuses to agree to Val's plans. Val asks Eric to help her out with the cash and he turns her down but Val has an ally when Louise sides with her against Diane. Also, Pearl is still to announce who she'll be taking on the cruise with her.


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