Gray sneaks out of the village to visit Perdy and is horrified to find her living in a shabby bedsit, but she does not react well to his sudden arrival. Perdy reluctantly agrees to talk and she asks Gray not to deprive her of the chance to be a mother. Gray is torn by her plea, but he insists he can't hurt Katie. Gray returns to the village and Katie is suspicious and asks him where he's been but she is unsatisfied by his answers. Jo and Andy receive the good news that no evidence has been found to link the E.coli to Jo's cheese. On the way out, Environmental Health warn them that they simply got lucky in having cleaned the farming equipment since the outbreak. Andy worries that the investigation may have damaged Jo's business. Eli begins selling manure for Belle but their profit margins leave a lot to be desired. Always willing to go the extra mile for success, Eli decides to steal horse manure from Home Farm so they can flog a more prestigious product. Belle is impressed! Also, TJ's condition improves but he's not out of the woods yet; Betty and Lily discover there's still a place on the cruise.


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