On the morning of the hearing, Ashley fails to convince Laurel to attend. Instead, she bumps into Greg and spends the morning with him looking through pictures of Daniel. Ashley returns from the hearing and is instantly edgy to see them together. He explains that Mel and Arthur will have to have a DNA test once they return. Later, Ashley attempts to smooth things over with his wife, but puts his foot in it by mentioning Arthur again. Laurel blasts that she needs more time and exits hurt. Viv refuses to face the village gossips so Bob tries to reassure her that they’ll face the criticism together. However, Viv coops herself up in the stockroom and Bob is later sent home from the Woolpack, neither of them coping well. Donna arrives and in the midst of Viv's ranting, tells them to try and seek the advice of a private investigator. Meanwhile, Nicola is forced to bite her tongue when David ribs her about losing her job at the vets. With Chas again absent, Nicola takes the opportunity to lend an extra hand to Paddy. Pointing out that Paddy will be spending a great deal of money paying for taxi rides to his appointments; Nicola suggests that she become his chauffeur for a fair price.


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  • This episode was broadcast at 7.30pm immediately following Episode 4986. Unlike usual double episodes, this episode and the previous episode each had their own separate cast lists.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 4,780,000 viewers (39th place).
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