Ashley is cold with Laurel following her revelation about kissing Greg. Laurel also confesses to Doug and is upset when he takes Ashley's side; he upbraids her for her selfishness. Ashley goes looking for Greg but Edna persuades him to discuss his problems in church. Edna talks about her son Peter and warns Ashley not to abandon his real son. When Ashley reveals he can't give up on Arthur, she packs a bag, telling him she won't keep him from his son but that she can't be a part of any of his plans. Greg is getting seriously worried about Mel and Arthur when he talks to Mel's mother and discovers that she hasn't seen or heard from her. Shadrach talks to Greg about how he felt relieved when he found out that Cain was Zak's son as it made him realise why he didn't feel that bond. Greg is worried when he hears how messed up Cain was, fearing something similar may occur with Arthur. He resolves to call the police if Mel doesn't return by the next day. Pearl is sick of being harassed about the spare cruise ticket, but Lily won't let up. Pearl shows Rodney her list of possible candidates and they discuss pros and cons and finally settle on a winner. She drops the list on the floor while leaving to show temporary houseguest Joe around, causing much anger among Lily, Edna and Betty when they read her list of pros and cons on each of them. Also, Jo is gutted that Terry still holds her and her goats' cheese responsible for TJ's E-coli. Val and Diane argue over whether Marlon should change the menu to more high-end foods to train for the upcoming pub competition, or keep to the basics and not scare away any customers.


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