Andy is getting more and more wound up by Debbie's continued presence in Sarah's life and Jo sends him over the edge when he learns she ignored his demands not to see Terry and when she defiantly refuses to sell her goats. Later, Diane is worried when Jo is hospitalised with a broken wrist, but Andy insists she had a fall. Andy apologises to Jo and it's clear he caused her injury. Jo puts on a brave face but sadly agrees to sell the goats. Doug attempts to smooth the waters between Ashley and Laurel, but Laurel won't back down on her insistence that she can't take Arthur on as her son. The Bishop worries about Ashley and warns him about the difficulty of bringing up two young children alone. Ashley and Laurel finally talk, but things are awkward and Laurel retreats to Betty's. Ashley is upset when Gabby makes it clear that she misses Laurel, too. Greg is beside himself with worry over Mel's disappearance with Arthur and is at a loss as to where she could have gone. Meanwhile, Jake is secretly still in touch with Mel, and follows her instructions to put the house on the market as soon as he can. Also, Pearl is growing tired of Lily's insistence about taking over the cruise itinerary.


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