Katie keeps her discovery secret from Gray and seethes when he continues to lie. Katie confronts Perdy and launches a tirade against the two of them, warning Perdy she will never play a part in her child's life. Perdy breaks down and blames everything on Gray, warning Katie that he only cares for the child. Katie is unsettled and tells Gray she will let Perdy have access to the baby, but she tells Chas she's secretly planning to leave with the baby as soon as it's born. Ashley worries about Gabby's recent bad behaviour. When he explains the situation to Doug, Gabby slips out of the house and visits Laurel, pleading for her stepmum to return. Laurel is deeply moved and agrees to come home. Ashley is delighted but Laurel warns him she hasn't changed her mind about not taking in Arthur. Jo finds a buyer for the goats and Andy is pleased. Terry receives a phone call from the Department of Health and tells a delighted Jo that her produce wasn't to blame for TJ's food poisoning. Jo excitedly stops Andy selling the goats and he is furious.


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