Eric receives a tax demand for £30,000 and tells David he'd rather face 10 years behind bars than the wrath of Val if he doesn't provide her with a wedding! Eric overhears Jo fondly remembering Andy decking out the barn as a surprise for their wedding and hatches a plan to bring the wedding forward and put on a low-cost version in a field. Eric convinces Paul that he wants to change the plans as a romantic surprise. Bob's suspicions are aroused when Viv stops him from ringing the private investigator and insists that she will call him herself. Bob is worried that his wife has something to hide and he secretly makes the call. Viv overhears Bob asking the PI whether any more evidence has been uncovered of Viv being seen with Freddie. Viv begs Bob to believe that she wasn't having an affair with Freddie. Jasmine is behind in her rent and she is delighted when Diane offers her a job behind the bar. Jasmine excitedly tells Miles her news but is met with a less than positive response and Jasmine realises that the pub is the last place ex-alcoholic Miles should spend time in! Also, Katie and Gray fill Perdy in on Katie's decision about the baby.


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