Murderous Jim sets his stalkery eyes on Penny. Joe discovers Inglebrook House on fire and rushes to call the fire brigade.


Penny attends church, she asks Beryl if she can rent a room in her house. Jim watches Penny outside of the church. Reverend Ruskin counts the congregation and is depressed, he ponders why Jim turned up at church. He discovers somebody has put forty-two pounds in the collection tray. Henry joins the Sugdens for Sunday dinner at Emmerdale Farm. Penny moves into Beryl's cottage. Reverend Ruskin is puzzled over who could have donated the money. The Sugdens prepare for a cleaning day at Hawthorn Cottage. Jack is working at the Forge for Frank, he talks to Penny about sorting out a colour scheme for the millhouse. Jim continues to spy on her. He goes for a drink in The Woolpack and asks Amos about Penny. She arrives in the pub and he starts talking to her. Alison and Henry go for another walk, he asks her if she's ever thought of marrying again. Henry can see smoke coming from over the hill. He then spots a chaffinch in the woods. Henry mentions that Alison knows all there is to know about him, but she says that he doesn't know all there is to know about her and walks off. Joe rushes to the farm and calls the fire brigade as Inglebrook is on fire.


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